Yogic Meditation – 6 Week Online Course

Yogic Meditation – 6 Week Online Course

Jill Harris

Meditation is the goal of Yoga practice according to the eight-fold path of Astanga Yoga. It is the means to a deeper experience of yoga and more intrinsic connection with ‘self’.

But what is Meditation?

At its essence meditation is a place of reflection and space around our external life. It is a connection with self and ‘inner listening’.If we can ‘be’ in meditation it can assist us to step forward positively into all we need to fulfil in our life. The flow on effect is a healthy mind able to withstand challenges and accept with grace the ever changing nature of life.How can we stay engaged in the process of meditation?

Trying to still the mind is not the key but instead working with knowing our own mind. This process requires that the body be comfortable and the mind be clear of the residue from previous activities – before we can move forward to self reflection.This is why the Astanga Yoga path recommends working with the body and breath before sitting to meditate is even attempted.This preparation is often a step that is skipped in meditation teaching and why it may become so challenging.

This 6 week course will teach meditation in a practical and rewarding way.

– Some initial, simple movement to prepare the body to be still.

– Some subtle tools of yoga will be used in order to get the mind ready for reflection including conscious breath awareness.

– Appropriate visualisation based on your own unique mind and constitution.

– Tools to continue your practice at home.

– Learning a little about your own nature! Some discussion around the guna-s (elements of all living matter according to Ayurveda) and how they can affect our mind.

The sessions will begin with a 15 minute discussion around the mind and its habits as a basis for understanding why meditation isn’t always easy! Suitable for beginning meditators as well as those with an existing practice.

The course will be conducted via Zoom online platform. Once you enrol, you will be sent a link to the meeting that you can access via your computer or phone. In order to participate you just need a quiet space in your home and a designated hour to yourself on Wednesdays at 7.15pm.

Jill Harris is a Senior Teacher & Mentor with Yoga Australia and has been teaching yoga for 15 years. Please contact her for further information about the sessions on 0409900965.