Yoga Therapy & CBT 8 Week Program

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression? Are you keen to explore combined integrative modalities to assist mental wellbeing?

Yoga & CBT are a supercharged combination that work with both a mind and body approach.

This 8 week program is suited to people wishing to improve their mental wellbeing and quality of life utilising the complimentary tools of Yoga and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). It is designed for those suffering mild-moderate anxiety and depression.

Yoga is a modality for wellbeing. It harnesses the movement of the body with breath, to create mental focus and space, restore energy and release stress. Through practice, it improves the ability of the mind to perceive, reflect and act with purpose. When offered therapeutically yoga, offers a complete body-based mindfulness system.

CBT is an evidence based psychological therapy designed to provide effective treatment for anxiety and depression. It offers skills and tools to manage and alleviate unhelpful thoughts and behaviours associated with anxious and depressed mood.

Together, the two frameworks support bringing awareness to and shifting unhelpful mental and behavioural patterns, guide positive change and an empowered approach to mental health.

Drawing on research led by the co-facilitators, which has examined how yoga complements CBT in the treatment of anxiety and depression, the program adopts therapeutic yoga in order to support and augment the tools of CBT.  Participants will benefit from group CBT alongside personalised and group yoga practice.

The program is facilitated by registered Clinical Psychologist, Dr Melissa O’Shea, and Senior Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist, Jill Harris, who bring together their expertise and passion for yoga and mental health.

The details

What’s included:

8 x weekly group sessions – 60 minute Yoga Practice, 60 minute CBT (2 and 1/4 hours total with a break). Sessions are run consecutively with a maximum of 8 people.

2 x Personal Yoga Therapy Consultations – (60 min each – to develop a home based yoga practice) – 1 prior to program start, plus optional check in to engage progress/make changes.

Dates: Fridays 9.30am-12pm from July 30 – September 17.

(1 hr yoga class, short break, 1 hr CBT, finishing with 15 min. Yoga Nidra)

Sessions will be run at Kyo Yoga & Healing in Ocean Grove.

Cost: $800 total ($300 upfront payment plus 2 instalments of $250 each – to be paid prior to program start)

Participants can access a GP Mental Health Plan to receive a rebate on sessions.

Enquiries/Bookings: Jill Harris 0409900965


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