Yoga for The Gunas

Yoga for The Gunas

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Needing clarity?
The fundamental attributes that make up our system are known as the gunas. These stem from the science of Ayurveda and flow into the practices of Yoga.

When sattva (balance, clarity)is dominant the mind feels at ease and has the capacity to interact with steadiness to what the external world throws at us. When we move away from the sattvic state we arrive in the polar positions of rajas (excess activity, agitation) or tamas (heaviness, inertia).
These states of imbalance can quickly lead to negative mental states and obstruct our life quality.

Knowing how to orientate our internal state back to sattva is the path towards freedom according to Yoga.

Sattva manifests as a feeling of internal balance and calm – penetrating the body on all levels, preventing the path to illness and training the mind to move in a positive direction. Attaining this is one of the biggest challenges we face in our current world climate.

This 3 part program will explain a little about the gunas, asking you to reflect on how they manifest in your body and mind.
They can be affected by lifestyle, activity, perception, food and sleep.
Each of us will have a unique experience.

This session will involve a short discussion, followed by a one hour practice involving gentle yoga that supports pranayama (breath practices) and concludes with a calming nidra (restorative practice) to balance mind and senses. 
Breath is the focus – as the balancing force in our system.
Suitable for all.

All sessions will be conducted live via Zoom and recorded and sent to those who cannot attend the live class time.

When: Sundays in September (12, 19 & 26)
(online via Zoom or recording sent out later)
Cost: $50 (for all 3 sessions)

The Series is conducted by Jill Harris – Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and Yoga Therapist.