Yoga For Sleep

Sleep is a priority for healthy body function and emotional wellbeing.

Not getting enough can affect all areas of your life.

This 8 week therapeutic group class will assist with switching off the sympathetic nervous system (which can build anxiety through short-cutting our ability to ‘let go’) and provide some tools to allow the mind to experience deeper, more restorative rest. Simple but effective poses that move us to a ‘langhana’ (calming) state, breath awareness / techniques and deep relaxation will be offered in this class.

No yoga experience is required however a basic fitness level will be useful.

Students will be asked to complete a form assessing their individual needs prior to commencing the course.

This course was extremely popular when first offered and is starting again on October 8. Bookings can be made via the Prices page on our website.

For enquiries contact Jill on 0409900965 or