Yoga for Hormones

Yoga for Hormones

Kyo Yoga & Healing

This informative and practical workshop will examine the Yogic & Ayurvedic approach to women’s hormonal changes that occur before, during and after menopause.

Menopause effects women in a myriad of ways. It can begin around 10 years earlier with perimenopausal symptoms. Many women experience a dramatic change in their life and functioning through these hormonal changes and beyond. Balancing the nervous system pays a large part in managing hormonal change. This is where Yoga can have so many benefits.

Ayurveda as a healing system promote four pillars of health and Yoga has at its core the goal of personal integration so that we are flowing in harmony with self and life’s rhythm. Both offer a similar understanding of women’s wellbeing at this time of life.
How can we contribute to our own balance and healing through the menopausal years and as we continue to age?  

What to expect:

  • Understanding the doshas as we age (primarily the inflammatory effects of Pitta dosha and drying effects of the Vata dosha). How do we counteract these?
  • Nourishing agni (the digestive fire) through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to pacify hormonal changes.
  • Self care and pacification of the nervous system through pranayama and restorative yoga and breath practices.

Conducted by Jill Harris – Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist