Therapeutic Yoga Class

Looking for a gentler practice? Need to increase energy?
Do you need to pacify your nervous system?
Yoga will meet you where you are.

This class is aimed at people who may not be suited to a standard yoga class.

In this small group setting, gentle yoga will be tailored to meet your needs.

The yoga practice will gently move the body to restore prana and vitality – with a focus on improving clarity of mind and gently encouraging the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and relax.

Expect some standing postures often supported with a chair, gentle lying and seated postures with a focus on breath techniques to move prana (vital energy) into essential areas of the body.

When prana is restored and directed, motivation increases and benefits overall quality of life.

If you suffer from auto immune or other conditions that affect your energy and stamina you will benefit from this class. Anyone recovering from sustained illness or medical treatment may also benefit. The class is also suitable for older bodies that may have some physical restrictions.

An overall slower paced practice with a focus on simplicity of movement for maximum benefit of nourishing body and mind.

The details

Date: Tuesday 11am and Thursday 11am.

These classes are currently full. Please enquire to Jill if you are interested in joining.

Bookings essential. Places are limited. Term commitment required.

*A conversation prior to the first class will take place in order to ascertain your needs.

Enquiries: Jill Harris 0409900965


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