The Subtle Tools of Yoga Workshop

The Subtle Tools of Yoga Workshop

Kyo Yoga & Healing

A journey into mudra, mantra and bhavana.

As we become more experienced and consistent yoga practitioners, there is often a desire for the practise to deepen for us. Whilst the body and breath still serve as our foundation, the subtle realms start to call to us. Often this path moves us towards meditation. Or if meditation is already in your practise, these yogic tools may deepen the experience.

Mudra (gesture) forms a movement with the body that has a resonance beyond the physical. Not just hands but also areas of the body may form mudra through particular ‘special’ postures. Energetically we form relationship with prana and direct it to certain places when we involve mudra into practise.

Mantra (chant) can be a simple sound that evokes a feeling or quality in the body. Mantra has a vibrational power that resonates in different ways depending on what we chant. It can invoke the power to heal on vibrational as well as cellular levels.

Bhavana (intention, focus) involves the Mind and how we place it. Focus on an image/object, a special place, a quality are all ways of invoking bhavana.

This 2 hour workshop is theoretical and experiential. Some guidance around how to use mudra, mantra and bhavana in practice for health and healing will be discussed. A 90 minute practise will be offered employing all of the tools with subtle movement through asana and pranayama.

A fully integrative practice, finishing with a guided relaxation to draw your towards a meditative space where you will stay for a while. Designed for consistent yoga practitioners who would like to dive deeper into what Yoga has to offer.

Join Jill for this special session. Limited spaces in studio.

Can also be purchased as an online offering – pre recorded separately to the studio session (with two weeks access).

Link sent the next day.

When: Sunday July 3

Time: 1pm-3pm

Cost: $50 in studio – $40 recorded access