The Benefits of Qigong

The Benefits of Qigong

Qigong (chee goong) is a form of exercise that use simple movements, postures and the breath to increase energy and vitality in the body. It does this by increasing blood circulation and getting free flow of qi through the organ meridians which can become congested when the body is out of balance and unwell.

Qi doesn’t have a direct English translation, but its closest meaning refers to life-force, matter and vital energy. Qi is seen as the basis of all functions of human physiology such as circulation, metabolism, body movement, organ function and the immune system. As well as psychological and cognitive states such as sleep, relaxation and motivation.

Qigong benefits emotional and physical wellbeing and is gentle enough for anyone to do. It strengthens the muscles and tendons, benefits the organs of the body, relieves stress and anxiety by bringing peace into the body and calming the mind. Overall it increases energy and blood circulation to keep the body in harmony. When our energy is strong and the body is balanced, good health prevails.

At Ocean Grove Chinese Medicine, the standing version of qigong is practised. Standing qigong has exercises for the heart, liver, lungs, spleen and kidneys as well as exercises for building up our energy from the collective energy in the universe and from the earth.

Qigong classes are held every Wednesday (during school term) @ 11am at the Kyo Yoga Hub.

$12 per session.

Bookings are not essential, just turn up. Contact Adrienne on 0432 961 910 for details.