Chris Hodgson, Kyo Yoga Student

I’ve been coming to Kyo Yoga for quite a few years now and am amazed when I think back to when I first started. Back pain, poor balance and flexibility, and an overall lack of energy were the things I routinely experienced. Now I find that I don’t have any back pain and am stronger, fitter and more flexible than I have ever been thanks to yoga. It has taken a while, but with consistent practice, I am now reaping the benefits! The expertise of the teachers and the nurturing, supportive and beautiful environment provided at Kyo are a delight and a welcome break from my invariably busy week. I always look forward to my classes and really miss them if I can’t get there.

Micah Speight, Kyo Yoga Student

“In my full time position as an Industrial Designer I’m sitting for hours of the day, throw this together with surfing during the day and you end up with back injuries and tightness. I had a good friend of mine tell me that yoga was good for her, and my Osteopath also said yoga would be helpful to lengthen me out a bit. I first thought that yoga was not for me, I’m not flexible! None the less, I took this advice and joined up at Kyo Yoga, and since day 1, I’ve felt so much better. I’ve not had a back injury in well over 8 months and I also do not wake up in the morning with the tightness and soreness in my back each morning!”

“I’m so stoked that I’ve finally found a healthy solution to my on going back issues and it’s help keeping me fit as well. I would highly recommend anyone with back issues taking up Yoga. Lastly; you do not need to be flexible to start yoga, my flexibility is terrible, but you can go at your own pace and get better each time!” –

Alice Claringbold & Baby Jack

“Such a lovely space for me and my baby. Little Jack (4moths) loves yoga and gets very excepted when we come. It has given me lots of ideas about different things to do with my baby at home and its a nice bonding time for us.”

Madison Sutton & Baby Flynn

“I am really enjoying the mums and bubs yoga experience. It’s more than getting out of the house and getting a workout. My baby Flynn watches and smiles at me when I am completing the poses and making eye contact with him. He can definitely sense a calm energy from me.  When we feed after the class, he drinks so well and I believe it is from the relaxed energy in the room. I also find that we are both so relaxed for the rest of the day. Happy baby = happy mum :)”

Laura Beveridge & Baby Skye

“The mums & bubs yoga class is the highlight of my week.  The class takes a very relaxed and fun approach to yoga but still gives you a total workout to build up strength again, focusing on the areas that are hit hardest being a mum.  The babies section of the class is always amusing and they seem to love it too!”