Structural Yoga Series

Structural Yoga Series

Kyo Yoga & Healing

Structural Yoga is an exploration of your own body’s form. The body and mind can be challenged by the stagnant kapha energy of Winter – traditionally a time to withdraw and nurture the body. This is an important time to maintain a steady foundation and structure particularly when all around is in extreme change.

How we move is most important. Yoga practice can throw us into some challenging body positions – and not all of them will be ok for every practitioner. In line with the approach of vinyasa krama (to place in a special way), these practices will guide the body with integrity in a balanced and stable progression, always coming back to symmetry and allowing the body to readjust to any previous posture work that may have moved it out of it natural framework.

Different areas of the body will be highlighted through each session – through information and experiential practice – guiding you to find your own comfortable form and exploring fully the natural capacity of your body through movement and breath.

These practices are designed to bring anatomic and energetic benefit to focused areas of the body, examining how to correctly move according to principles of yoga practice that support and stabilise us.

Suitable for all students and especially anyone with curiosity about moving their body in the most productive way during yoga.
No two bodies are the same and it is important to learn to move according to what benefits you.
Classes can be attended separately or as a whole series and will be conducted via Zoom.

We will be begin from the base and move up! Sessions are held Sundays 9am-10.15pm online via Zoom on the following dates:

July 19 – Hips & Pelvis (The Sacral Foundation)
August 2 – Moving the Back (Stretching the West)
August 16 – The Thoracic Space (Opening to Prana)
August 30 – Shoulders and Arms (Balance & Reach)

Practices are all 75 minutes and will include relaxation time at the end.
Questions and discussion welcome at the end of the practice.

The Series is conducted by Jill Harris – Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and Yoga Therapist.