Restorative Yoga & Meditation

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

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When is yoga really restorative? When if offers space and ease (sukham) to all layers of the human system. Many styles of ‘restorative yoga’ focus on techniques that actually create strain in the body. They can create mental agitation by pushing the body into postures that create tension rather than release it. For yoga to be restorative it needs to accomodate the needs of the person not put them into a one size fits all mould.

This 6 week program offers yoga that feels easeful and allows the full experience of letting go of held tensions and strain – in body and mind. The postures are gentle, grounded and readily adaptable for different bodies. Time will be taken to explore what you need.
Staying is a focus but gentle movement will be used to encourage ease and restore energy to balance.

As we wind our way through relaxing the nervous system via the breath,  focus and imagery (bhavana) will be incorporated to enhance the restorative effect and provide focus for the mind.

Bhavana is a powerful too – ‘what we think, we become’ and the practices will offer us the experience of creating positive focuses for the mind.
The meditative focus each week will be on a different element (bhuta) according to Ayurveda – earth, fire, wind, space, water  – and their manifestation in our body. We are made up of all these elements and when in balance assist our body to be well.
Yoga tools for self care will be explained to take into daily life.

The final 20 minutes of practice will offer guided meditation that leads to silence and time for inner space and reflection.

When: Monday February 5 – March 11
Time: 7.15pm-8.15pm
Cost: $138 in studio / $108 online

Suitable for all levels of experience and those wishing to engage in a gentler yoga practice leading to an experience of meditation. If you have tried forms of meditation before and find it difficult to focus, this practice may offer a new way arriving in meditation for you.
A great practice for calming body and mind and preparing for rest and good sleep.
8 students maximum.

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