Pranayama Series

Pranayama Series

Kyo Yoga & Healing

Pranayama is the conscious regulation of breath according to yoga teaching.

Why do pranayama?

The quality of our breath has a distinct effect on physical health and mental state. When the breath becomes long and subtle it sends positive messages to the body asking it to maintain stability and optimum function.

When the mind experiences clarity we experience a greater joy of life. So the goal of pranayama practice is to create sattva (clarity, harmony) – a state where we come to a closer connection of our full and true self.

The beauty of pranayama is that anyone can do it. As a self care practice it involves nothing but your own initiative and time.

Join Jill Harris for these 6 sessions introducing how the breath works and how it can be a tool for mental wellbeing. The goal of these sessions is to understand breath as a tool to assist through times of challenge.

Topics covered will include:

prana (the life force)

nadis (the energetic channels)

parasympathetic nervous system activation and the use of breath

toning the vagus nerve and its importance in health

techniques to assist with sleep and unwinding the mind

A main theme will be presented at the beginning of each class via slides and visual information.

This will be followed by a 25 minute pranayama practice and 10 minute relaxation practice.

A specific pranayama technique will be taught in each class and a short video of the technique sent to participants as a home practice tool.

This process is suitable for anyone who wants to build an understanding of how the breath affects physiology and mental wellness.

Yoga experience is not a requirement. However an interest in learning about the philosophy behind the practice of pranayama is essential.
The sessions will run Wednesdays at 7.15pm via Zoom from September 30 through to November 4.

For those who cannot commit to the time slot, the session will be recorded and sent out for viewing the following day.

This series is conducted by Jill Harris – Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia and Yoga Therapist.

Jill has completed recent research around yoga practices as a tool for anxiety and depression and has much to offer on how the breath can assist us at this time of big change. Please get in touch for further information.