Mums & Bubs Yoga

Mums & Bubs classes will be resuming again in Term 4, 2017 at the Kyo Yoga Hub. Bookings must be made for this 6 week course. Please keep an eye on our Facebook Page for updates!

There is nothing like the wonder and joy of giving birth and the journey of motherhood. A gentle yoga practice is a fantastic way to help you support your body’s recovery following pregnancy and deepen the connection you have with your new baby. This course is designed to help you gradually regain your strength and flexibility, learn to relax and recover from the inevitable lack of sleep, and to become closer to your baby.

Each class will include components for both you and your baby. For Mum, the intention is to support you in re-strengthening your pelvic floor and spinal column, to relieve tightness that follows breastfeeding and carrying your new baby, and provide an opportunity for relaxation. It is also a great opportunity to join with other Mums and their babies in a nurturing space. For babies, the postures are designed to support the digestive system, increase relaxation, assist motor development and develop a strong connection with Mum.

Breastfeeding, changing, crying, cuddling, rocking… all welcome! Your baby will be involved in gentle stretching on their mat, or being held by you or sitting in your lap (depending upon your baby’s age). Mums and babies will also have the opportunity to connect through song and gentle massage.

Please bring a bunny rug to lay your baby on and your own mat if you wish. Please also make sure you have the OK from your health practitioner to begin post-natal exercise, particularly if you have had a caesarean delivery. Feed your baby before coming to class if possible, and arrive with a relaxed and flexible attitude. For babies 6 weeks to pre-crawling.

The class will be guided by Kate Miller. Kate has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has studied vinyasa, hatha, pre and post natal yoga. Having recently enjoyed the amazing journey of pregnancy, birth and new motherhood, Kate has a sincere understanding of the influence yoga and meditation can have during this period of your life.

“Such a lovely space for me and my baby. Little Jack (4moths) loves yoga and gets very excepted when we come. It has given me lots of ideas about different things to do with my baby at home and its a nice bonding time for us.” – Alice Claringbold & Baby Jack

“I am really enjoying the mums and bubs yoga experience. It’s more than getting out of the house and getting a workout. My baby Flynn watches and smiles at me when I am completing the poses and making eye contact with him. He can definitely sense a calm energy from me.  When we feed after the class, he drinks so well and I believe it is from the relaxed energy in the room. I also find that we are both so relaxed for the rest of the day. Happy baby = happy mum:)” – Madison Sutton & Baby Flynn

“The mums & bubs yoga class is the highlight of my week.  The class takes a very relaxed and fun approach to yoga but still gives you a total workout to build up strength again, focusing on the areas that are hit hardest being a mum.  The babies section of the class is always amusing and they seem to love it too!” – Laura Beveridge & Baby Skye

Booking: Louise 52562723 or 0438562723