Live Better Through Yoga Workshop

Live Better Through Yoga Workshop

Kyo Yoga & Healing

Wellbeing is often compromised by the invisible race we set in life.
‘Doing’ rather than ‘being’ can take over so we never experience moments to truly relax and reintegrate into this body and nervous system. When we neglect the path to reintegration we begin to create other issues – physical and mental – that compromise our enjoyment of life.

Sometimes it seems we take one step forward only to find another aspect of life emerging that throws us into imbalance.

The human condition is to experience suffering but also the capacity to experience great joy. The goal is to reorient towards a present life that moves us closer to joy and contentment whilst having resilience towards change.

What causes us to suffer? What sits behind our response? How can we acknowledge disturbance without being dragged down by it? 

This 2.5 hour workshop presents valuable yogic models that offer practical solutions to achieving balance in life despite challenges that arise.

Through exploration of the Klesha-s (Causes of suffering) and the Vyuha Model (model for healing) from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we will investigate the unique yet common qualities we experience in challenging times and learn ways to restore balance.

These simple teachings have stood the test of time in helping humans understand the nature of the Mind.
They can affect change on a deep level.

The session will also offer a gentle yoga & meditation practice aimed at down regulating the nervous system and offering time and space to reflect and ‘be’.

Conducted by Jill Harris – Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist.
Limited Space.
Suitable for anyone interested in experiencing a fuller sense of self and diving into the deeper teachings of yoga.

Bookings on the link below or contact Jill.