Life Drawing Yoga

Life Drawing Yoga

Tina Mobbs

Life Drawing Yoga is at once peaceful and liberating. Like in a meditation, you are in the moment, lost in time. Move the body through practice in order to come to sitting and creating!


Observing & interpreting the shape of the human body in asana trains you to see every curve, line and subtle undulation found in the posture.

This will give you the opportunity to observe the yoga pose, creating a greater understanding and awareness for your own practise.

The afternoon will combine a half hour yoga class to calm and prepare the mind and body.

Then flow into the life drawing part of the session. Sketches of the teacher in yoga poses –  from quick gesture – 30 seconds to two minutes, to more extended poses- 5-20 minutes.

All materials provided.

This class is open to anyone who can hold a pencil!

Tina Mobbs is an artist and yoga teacher and loves creating!