Isvara & the Sacredness of Om

Isvara & the Sacredness of Om

Kyo Yoga & Healing

‘Nothing is possible without consciousness.’

In yoga philosophy, Isvara is the source of all knowledge and a spiritual principle.
It is represented by the mantra OM.

Isvara can be both an internal and external reference on the yogic path. It encompasses various meanings.  We come into contact with the true sense of Isvara through regular and consistent practice.

Isvara draws us to acceptance as we realise the passing of all around us as transient. A broader perspective on life and meaning can be gained through this outlook. Connection with a steady source within.

It is an especially valuable concept for us now as we encounter dramatic change in life.

This workshop will explain the varying concepts of Isvara and how we can identify/use this understanding to create positive effect within yoga practice and daily life. 

What to expect:
– presentation (with handouts) of the meaning of Isvara according to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
– focus on the special pranava (sound) ‘OM’ and why it holds such meaning
– 1 hour yoga practice using mantra (silent or audible) & a short meditative practice to conclude.
There will be space for discussion post practice.

Can also be viewed as an online recording.
Presented by Jill Harris.

Suitable for yoga students and yoga teachers who want to dive a little deeper…

In studio attendance $50
Online recording $40