Find a class that’s right for you!

The yoga classes will suit most bodies unless you have specific or particular limitations. Our Therapeutic Class is an offering for those who need to work in a more nourishing way and with gentler poses. We encourage you to try a class to see how it feels, always working with a connection to your own capacity. Yoga is about removing obstacles, not creating them!

Please get in touch if you need advice on where to start.

Group classes


An energetic Vinyasa style class that moves! Incorporates more advanced postures. For those with considerable yoga experience and strong bodies. (Intermediate)

Flow and Restore

A slower, softer flowing practice that moves with the breath, subtly strengthening the body and calming mind. Combines a restorative element. Suitable for all levels of yoga experience. (Basic-Intermediate)

Yin Restore

A static practice that targets the stretching of the connective tissue such as ligaments and joints. Longer held poses, both seated and lying will bring a restorative element to the class. (Basic/Intermediate)

Specialised classes

Therapeutic Yoga

A class focusing on gentle movement, restorative postures and breath awareness. Targeting the parasympathetic nervous system and subtly restoring energy. Different conditions and needs can be catered for. (Basic)

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