Breath for Wellness

Breath for Wellness

Kyo Yoga & Healing

This 4 week program is offered to people wishing to learn about the breath as a tool for assisting mental, physical and emotional wellness – be it managing anxiety, stress, pain or just wanting to understand and utlilise fully our most powerful tool of the body.

It’s not enough to ‘just breathe’. It is the conscious connection of the mind to the breath that creates change for us. This process is deliberate, considered and needs to be done appropriately for the individual.

Some facts about the breath:
~ We only use around 30% of lung capacity in normal breathing.
~ Breathing through the mouth rather than the nose expels energy quickly leading to conditions that deplete our system and put strain on the body.
~ Correcting poor breathing can lead to better quality sleep and enhance the ability to function well during the day.
~ Changing the state of breath can change the state of our mind. It has a direct link to our nervous system.

The Yogic tradition has long understood the benefits of breath regulation and techniques as a tool to bring mindfulness/focus, unwind the nervous system and lead us toward a greater knowing of our self. Breath is the facilitator of prana (our life force or internal energy). When we breathe well, we benefit the entire body.

In modern times, the power of breath has been rediscovered through the view of activating the parasympathetic nervous system response (‘rest and digest’) in order to assist our body with stress, inflammation, pain management and other health responses. Much of this is done via the Vagus nerve. An understanding of this system empowers us to use our breath to its full potential.

Breath is also the monitor of the mind – if short our mind may be agitated or feel un-centred. When the breath is lengthened we change the state of the mind. This promotes better healing in the whole body. But creating a long breath is a process over time – and takes practice,

What is the breath? Why is it important? What is the result of focusing on the exhale? Or inhale? What is the difference? How does lengthening one part of the breath affect the other? What techniques will help me develop a long and steady breath pattern when I experience anxiety or discomfort? How can my breath assist my Mind? What breath patterns may assist me with sleep or relaxation?

All of these questions will be addressed in this 4 week program.

The program offers the experience of coming to understand the breath, learn how it affects our mind and bodily systems, (from a yoga and modern medicine perspective) and offer tools to benefit your own life experience.

Each class will have an easy to understand information session as well as a practical breath work and relaxation practice. There will be some simple movement encouraged as a way to engage the breath an the needs of each participant will be honoured.

Take home material will be offered. Discussion is encouraged.

This is a unique opportunity to assist your wellbeing through an achievable and empowering program suitable for all. No experience required.

Jill is a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist with 20 years teaching experience and an interest in empowering others to work with their physical and mental health.