Breath Practice – Free Online

Breath Practice – Free Online

Jill Harris

Breath is the natural phenomena associated with life. But it is so much more. Conscious and appropriate direction of the breath can assist us to have clarity around our thoughts and provide benefits to the physical body in letting go of tension.

A byproduct of a clear mind is that we can make decisions and judgements that are appropriate and will not cause negative impact to our self and others. We can also see a more whole picture of life without fear and reaction.

Pranayama is the use of breath techniques to prepare the mind to focus – classically used as a step towards meditation. When breath becomes conscious and guided we may experience a greater sense of space and pacification to the mind/body. Anyone can do pranayama. It is a valuable resource for us to link with at this time.

Join this free gentle asana and pranayama practice to reconnect with self and bring mental clarity to the mind. The postures will be suitable for all bodies.

This practice will challenge the breath to your own individual capacity but the focus is on pacification of the parasympathetic nervous system. Seated pranayama will be incorporated into the practice.

Session time: Easter Sunday, April 12 – 9.30-10.30am.

Please join the session here.

If you cannot join via the link above please go to Zoom and type in the following.

Meeting ID: 863 578 174
Password: 124386