Beginners Yoga Course

The beginners course is suitable for those with little or no yoga experience.

A new 8 week Beginners Course will commence August 6 at 6.00pm (with Tracey). The course introduces students to simple yoga postures, working with the importance of breath and learning basic relaxation techniques.

During the course, you will gently stretch and strengthen different parts of your body and learn to calm the mind.

Yoga has the capacity to reduce physical and mental tension stored in your body, which improves your quality of health and sense of wellbeing. Everyone can do yoga because the postures can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Flexibility is not required & you will feel the benefits very quickly.

After 8 weeks you will be encouraged to move into the Basics class or another class suitable to your level.

The 8 week course will cost $144. Booking and prepayment can be made via the Prices page or direct deposit.

For bookings see our timetable or contact Lou on 0438 562 723 or