Autumn Immersion – Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Autumn Immersion – Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Sheridan Reaper & Charlotte Fraser

Dive into this nourishing Immersion with Sheridan Reaper and Charlotte Fraser – a restorative Yin practice that focuses on releasing stored tension and muscular restriction through the balancing of the qi energy (pronounced “chee,”).

Qi is the life force extracted from the raw materials of ingested food and fluids and from the air we breathe. When Qi is flowing, all the physiological processes of the body work in harmony.

When it is deficient or stuck, it leads to disease and disharmony. The change of season can be a time of adjustment for our body and mind. Preparation for these natural transgressions is important if we are to move seamlessly into the change.

In this session Sheridan will guide you on a practice through the three main meridians of the leg – kidneys, liver and spleen working with postures that promote a free flow of energy along these centres and restoring balance as our bodies move into the Autumnal pace.

Charlotte Fraser will accompany the practice with her beautiful, healing Sound Bowl session. Come to restore, heal and nourish! A session to revitalise, lift and reflect as we move towards the Autumn shift.