Mid Winter Yoga Immersion

Embrace Winter with this half day immersion to nourish, revitalise and balance body and spirit.

Winter can be a time of reduced activity and reluctance to move outwards however according to Ayurveda, it is important to stay active as well as grounded to balance the doshas of Vata and Kapha.

Vata is all about movement and activity and often linked to anxiety, whilst Kapha is related to stillness and being grounded but can tip into inertia if it becomes out of balance. For Winter health these two aspects need to work together.

Move each day in a way you enjoy; get outside and bask in the Winter sun on a brisk walk, practice asana, swim etc. Similarly, enjoy the move towards self nourishing and curling up in that warm place and retreating.

This half day immersion is designed to draw the focus subtly inward to what you may need to balance your health during Winter. It will include:

  • an awakening and warming asana practice.
  • a nourishing Ayurvedic breakfast with foods suitable for the Winter season.
  • discussion on the Kapha dosha including ways to keep it in balanced at this time through food and lifestyle.
  • a Pranayama and Meditative practice to guide sattva (clarity).
  • a restorative Yin practice with live music by Melody Moon.

Spaces are limited.

Cost: $90 / $75 (concession / Kyo Yoga members)

Where: Kyo Yoga Garden Room, 73 The Esplanade Ocean Grove.

Bookings here.

Enquiries: Louise 0438 562723