Qigong Classes – General and Prenatal

What is Qigong?

Qi gong is the ancient Chinese art of meditation in motion, based on the same principles behind Chinese Medicine. Sometimes it is also called ‘Daoist Yoga’ or ‘Buddhist Energy Exercises’. You will learn powerful tools to unify movement & breath with Mind via stimulation of the meridian energy system, increasing free flow of blood and Qi, thus improving your health. Movements are relaxing, profound yet simple. It is a self-empowering practice that promotes health, wellbeing & potentiates transformation on all levels. Relax into realization.

Qigong therapy is a form of exercise and meditation therapy in one. Slow deep breaths are co-ordinated with special movements and creative visualisation.

“There are many medical applications of Qigong. Some of the most promising for Western healthcare are for chronic problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, aging, asthma, allergies, neuromuscular problems, and cancer…” – Medical Applications of Qigong – Alternative Therapies, Jan 1996.

Some of the styles of Qigong that are taught are from the Zi Ran Men tradition, learnt from Master Liu De Ming. And also includes Health Qigong learnt via the Chinese Health Qigong Association.

The 8 week course details are:

When: Thursday 2nd May – 13th June (8 week course)

Time: 2.00-3.00pm

Where: Kyo Yoga Hub, 91 The Parade Ocean Grove

Cost: $135

Bookings here.


Prenatal Qigong is a self-empowering practice to support you through your pregnancy and beyond.
Suits all levels, from 12-42 weeks of pregnancy.
Classes include:
-Qigong Breathing
-Qigong movements particularly for women that are safe during pregnancy
-Walking Qigong
-Seated Qigong meditation
Wear comfortable clothing, and bring a bottle of water. Mats are provided for Prenatal Qigong.

When: Thursday 23rd May – 11th July (8 week course)

Time: 12.00-1.00pm

Where: Kyo Yoga Hub, 91 The Parade Ocean Grove

Cost: $160

Bookings here.

For all enquiries please contact Kerry Posniak 0425 801 912  or visit White Tiger Therapuetics.