Mid Autumn Yoga Immersion

Autumn is time for nature to begin storing nourishment to support the challenges of Winter.

Leaves begin to fall. Trees and plants begin the inward movement towards self containment and hibernation. So too, the human body needs different internal and external support at this time – through the types of food we eat, the activities we do, the environment we live in.

This half day retreat is designed to draw the focus subtly inward to what you may need to navigate the Autumn change. It will include:

  • a grounding and balancing asana practice. (with Kate Miller)
  • a nourishing Ayurvedic breakfast with foods suitable for the Autumn season. (provided by Ayurvedic specialist Karen Klingelhoffer)
  • discussion on Kriya Yoga (the yoga of action). This is a 3 part practice that can assist and promote change in our body and mind. (with Jill Harris)
  • a Pranayama and Meditative practice to bring inner clarity & balance the vata dosha. Vata can become aggravated during Autumn. (with Jill Harris)
  • a blissful Sound Bowl session to soothe and nourish the senses. (with Kate Gee)

Spaces are limited.

Cost: $95

Where: Kyo Yoga Garden Room, 73 The Esplanade Ocean Grove.

Bookings here.

Enquiries: Louise 0438 562723