Entering March – Big Astrological Shifts

Moving into March (and a new Season) is going to challenge us with some diverse cosmic energy as many astrological events are at play:

March 5th to the 28th see Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Pisces.

Mercury symbolises communication so when it goes Retrograde communication, technology and travel plans can go haywire. It is also a good time to hold off making life altering decisions!

Pisces is about emotion, intuition and deep feelings so when the two are combined, there is a big potential  for communication to cut deeply if we are careless with our words. It can be wise to slow down and be more considered in your approach to conversations – and actions!

A new moon in Pisces arrives on March 6. This brings an energy that may have you buzzing and moving into fresh waters. You may find the need to connect with activities that really ground and keep you stable. Choose what takes you to a more internal space of deeper reflection such as yoga, swimming, walks in nature and the like.

The new moon represents a big cosmic energy shift that sets off a new cycle and ideally one that you step into with awareness, steadiness… and readiness!

At the same time Uranus (change, growth) moves into Taurus (stability, security) where it will stay until 2026! This looks to creating a contradictory effect of push and pull. Opposites will be at work! These contrasting states can make it difficult for us to accept change when we are pulled between the need to move forward and being happy sitting with what we have.

The ways we seek stability and comfort will be come under review with this new energy. Personal growth will be tested via how we view the importance of material stability versus a deeper, more personal, inner stability. Can we be with ourself without some of the material trappings of life?

How we live our life might be tested. You may be forced to let go of what you know to be secure in order to step into greater personal freedom.

Globally there will be a shift or awakening around many issues – one of which may be environment and our relationship with Mother Earth.

The new year in astrology falls a day later on the 21st of March when the Sun enters Aries and begins a new zodiac cycle.

The Equinox occurs here (equal hours of light and dark) and represents the beginning of Autumn for us… the time to start considering change and inner preservation as we move into the cooler months.

Autumn can have a lovely mystery to it and freshness and comfort but also asks us to consider whether or not we have balance in our systems… stay tuned for more info about our Autumn Retreat in the next week or two.


Jill x