Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)

In Yin Yoga we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long held postures and practices with an attitude of Maitri (loving kindness). The poses stimulate energy flow in meridians, energy channel. During these Yang infused times, yin helps us to stop, rest and respond as we start again.

Embodied Yin yoga increases awareness of our mind-body connection in each dimension and opens space by helping release limitations in these realms.

Regular Yin Yoga = Passive stretching

Embodied Yin Yoga = release through somatic sensing and awakening areas of the body that are not online.

In this training you will learn about:

Chinese medicine in relation to Yin Yoga. (the 5 phases/elements theory)

Classical non dual Tantra (not Neotantra)

Embodied anatomy and energetics

Indepth study and understanding of the main yin poses (and some unconventional poses)

Embodied Flow, Body-Mind Centring and other somatic practices.

The power of Touch – different ways to use props and give healing assists.

About your teacher: Satu Tuomela is the creator of Embodied Yin and one of the most respected teachers in Scandinavia and Europe. http://www.satu.yoga

When: January 16-20, 2019 (5 full days)

Where: Kyo Yoga Garden Room, 73 The Esplanade, Ocean Grove.

Prices: Early Bird $799 or

Reservation Fee $300 and $599 paid 2 weeks before training starts.

Enquiries: petraread@gmail.com

Full training is 50 hours which included some outside homework. A certificate will be issued on completion.

This training is also open to students (not teachers) who may wish to do the course without completing homework.