May Sagittarius Moon

Anyone else feeling a little outside their body this past day and a half?

The Full Moon is upon us – testing with its chaotic push and pull energy. I’ve felt a sense of treading water, like walking through heavy humidity. Generally feeling I’m getting nowhere despite the amount I am packing into each day. All common side effects of the full moon energy!

Despite this, the outcome of this Sagittarius full moon will quickly propel us into unexpected territory. Given the title ‘Flower Moon’, there will be a slow reveal of a more tantalising situation or direction. Just like the gradual blooming of a flower, true beauty or truth will be revealed in time.

Sagittarius is a sign of adventure. A quest for freedom and greater meaning beyond the mundane is a common Sagittarius trait.  New ideas and turns in unexpected but fulfilling directions may be ahead.

And with the sun in Gemini, we are guaranteed to experience some unpredictable changes. Gemini is a master of duality and frequently embodies opposing traits at different times. So be prepared to be challenged by some serious wanderlust, and eagerness to get out and explore all the possibilities ahead. Your creativity and inquisitiveness for something new is set to peak.

The Flower Moon may be dangling the carrot of change in front of us but if we can keep our eyes on the path this journey will be positive, even inspiring!