April Scorpio Moon

The full moon has arrived.

The full moon appears Monday morning (April 30) in the sign of deeply emotional, powerful and dark Scorpio. This moon directs the chance to shed negative emotions and confront any deep fears or situations that have been holding you back. You cannot fight change. Similar to the mythical Phoenix, one of Scorpio’s traits is to rise from the ashes and be reborn.

This Scorpio moon will expose truth (in a good way) as outcomes lead to the happiness and joy that is humanity’s rightful state. Working with the energy of a universe that wants the best for you is key. Embrace change and see what it has to offer and teach. TRUST is a key word at this time.

The addition of Jupiter being retrograde until July 10 means there will be even more tendency for introspection. Jupiter represents philosophy, progress and wisdom. This retrograde may promote an awareness of things beginning to change for the better. Combined with Scorpio’s ability to be re-born, powerful transformation could be on the horizon…but all in good time.

The message of the Scorpio full moon is ultimately quite positive. Be ready to shed your skin, let go of old patterns, and trust that in time you’ll get what you’ve been working so hard for or what may bring you the most happiness.