Scorpio Full Moon

We are moving through an intense week culminating with the full Moon in Scorpio early on Thursday May 11.

This moon symbolizes a turning point where we may come to some big realizations and set intentions for the future!
Scorpio is a sign of great intensity and has the ability to reach divine levels of consciousness – a transformative power that may allow you to see things in a different light. You may already be feeling the pull of this moon and its intense effect in the days leading up to Thursday.
Ancient cultures often saw the Scorpio full moon as one of the most powerful for reaching out to ancient ancestors and guardian spirits as well as one of the best full moon’s for rituals and manifestation work. (A great time to bathe your crystals in the energy of the moonlight!)
Linking with your personal power and inner wisdom is important as you hold on for the ride. Yoga or meditation practices may be particularly potent or revealing for you right now.
Being open to the suggestions of others around this time is also something to consider. Receptivity to a new way of doing things or a new approach may be the key.
Ultimately you need to connect with that inner faith (sraddha) to make the changes that are going to serve you. (The intensity of this full moon will move us forward in some way!)
So sit back, welcome the turning point and be open to the direction in which you are propelled!