Setting Intention – The New Moon in Aquarius

Why is January 28 an important time for us?

The new lunar moon in Aquarius on January 28 (also Chinese New Year) highlights intention. It offers the chance to make small, yet significant changes to our lives at the start of of 2017.

This new moon is potent – it symbolizes new beginnings. It is a time to plan your intentions for the year, particularly around things that give you joy.

The Aquarius moon asks us to consider the information we hold at this moment and use it to our full potential or benefit. Don’t be afraid to think outside the square! Start creating new solutions and learn from the old paths that have not served you during 2016!

The symbol for Aquarius is the water carrier. If we think of water as representing emotion, the water carrier has the capacity to scoop up the heavy emotions and hold them, allowing space for us to view and process our thoughts in a new way.

Opening your field of vision to something bigger can be a challenge so how can we go about this?

The first step may be to change a thought pattern that isn’t serving you and begin to open up your mind to seeing things differently. That attitude you hold towards a person, a situation, a past experience… start to become aware from another perspective.

Ask why this ‘feeling’ sits so strongly with you…maybe from fear, ego, hurt? Challenge your beliefs in order to move forward. No one likes feeling stuck but we need to recognise the source of discomfort in order to make a shift.

Embrace the ‘call to change’ of the Aquarius moon at this time. Set intention for yourself – with an open mind and new outlook you may find it easier to move forward on the path of 2017.


by Jill Harris