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Yoga for every body. Yoga for life.

The practice of yoga should encompass body, breath and mind and be the vehicle that guides us to self understanding. Its value goes beyond the mat – into how we operate in the world and interact with others.  Practice is the key. Along with giving up expectation of what we ‘should’ achieve and instead being open to whatever arises. Surrender.

Anyone can do yoga and receive the benefits of the practice.

With this in mind Kyo Yoga & Healing offers a unique yoga experience for all. As times change the practice needs to adapt too. For now the space is online.

The teachings will return to face to face classes from a private, home studio in early 2021.

Join in group yoga classes, unique workshops, yoga therapy consultations, meditation and philosophy studies.


Yoga and Meditation.
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Classes are currently conducted online – live with a teacher.

Casual attendance and 5 or 10 class passes are all available.

Upcoming Events

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