Our Classes

Kyo Yoga teachers are trained in a variety of styles and lineages. Our yoga classes are all Hatha based practices – but vary in being more or less dynamic, slightly gentler or stronger.

Below is a description of the classes ranging from gentle to more challenging. We encourage students to try a class to see how it feels for them always working with adherence to ahmisa or ‘doing no harm’ to body or mind.

Beginners Course – For ultimate Beginners. An 8 week introduction to yoga. Learn basic postures, breath awareness and relaxation tools.

Beginners Plus – The next step on – still suitable for Beginners but also catering for those who can do a little more. This practice builds on basic postures with respect to developing further breath and body awareness. If you have done a Beginners Course this class is a great next step.

Restore and Maintain – A modified class suitable for those with limited mobility and/or recovering from illness. The aim is to gently build and maintain levels of fitness in body, breath and mind using appropriate asana incorporating modification.

Restorative Practice – This is a restorative class combining poses that calm the nervous system and gently re-energise body & mind. Incorporating longer held poses to relax the body. A class for all levels of experience.

Flow and Restore – A slower paced practice that subtly strengthens the body and calms the mind. Both moving and static postures are explored. Suitable for those with limited yoga experience.

Strengthen & Flow – A moderately dynamic practice moving through vinyasa style sequences whilst holding postures to build strength and steadiness.  Recommended for those with some yoga experience and a good fitness level.

Dynamic Flow – An energetic Vinyasa style class incorporating more advanced postures,breath and movement. Recommended for those with more yoga experience and strong bodies.


Specialised Classes:

Mat Pilates – Designed to align, lengthen and strengthen your body, focusing on core work and correcting posture.

Pregnancy Class – suitable for all stages of pregnancy, this class is designed to release the mental and physical stresses associated with pregnancy and prepare body and mind for labour.